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Lactation Formula No. 2 - Milk Flow

  • Milk Flow is a fenugreek-free blend to support and enrich breast milk supply and flow with a potent combination of nutrient-rich galactagogue herbs*: oatstraw, milk thistle, fennel, and chastetree.
    Learn about why we don't use fenugreek.

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    Erin F.
    Help boost my supply between ovulation and my period

    I used the Lactation Formula 2.0 to help boost my supply between ovulation and my period.

    Alexis N.
    Hoping it made my milk more nutritious

    I tend to overproduce if I’m not careful, so I worried a little that I might overproduce taking these. I’m happy to report I did not have that problem. Honestly I didn’t really notice much of a change in anything...I’m hoping it made my milk more nutritious or something, but not sure. The real test may be if I stop taking them and notice a change.

    Kelsie S.
    It helps give me a boost by the afternoon and evening

    This was my first time trying a fenugreek free lactation supplement. With nursing my first, I used a supplement that contained fenugreek, and it gave me a great boost especially towards the end of combination pumping/breastfeeding. So when I heard about the opportunity to try this fenugreek-free supplement, I was excited to see how it would compare! Now that I've been using it for several days, I do notice when I take it in the morning, it helps give me a boost by the afternoon and evening, right when I need it most. I would say that for me personally, it was as effective as the supplement with fenugreek, which is great to know that both work well for my needs! I would definitely use this product if it was similar or better in price compared to other lactation products.

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